Covid 19 regulations for childcare have changed often over the year. Since we reopened in May 2020, we restrict the number of adults in the building. Children's belongings are sprayed with sanitizer before they are brought into the building.  Our children are not currently sharing inside spaces. We have the larger playground divided into three areas so three classes can be outside at the same time. The classes rotate the spaces daily.  Teachers and children two and older are required to wear masks anytime they can not be six feet from a child. As teachers we feel it is important for children to see our facial expressions. We have some masks with clear sections, or we will step away from the children to talk. We are cleaning throughout the day, with high touch areas covered more often. Hand washing has been and always will be a major part of our routine. Our staff is 100% vaccinated against the SARS Corona Virus 2.

We recently implemented a communication app, Brightwheel, for more contact less communications between parents, teachers and administration.